Thursday, February 22, 2007

stash find

i was naughty last night, instead of going to bed early as i intended i decided it was time to root thro the other part of my stash.....
it was def worth it i found..
fyberspates sock yarn id been looking for in green/pink/white
regia sock yarn id forgotton i had in rainbow stripes
more fyberspates sock yarn...cant u tell i love fyberspates!!! pink/orange
some rowan felted tweed in a gorgeous purple id bought to make a cabled hat n then frogged
my drop spindle
and some merino id carded together at my spinning class...
so guess what i did last night?!!!!
now i have some purple/blue/white hand spun yarn done by me!
so just got to skein it up n set the to follow(cameras playing up)
right off to watch waking the dead and get that sock done!

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