Monday, February 19, 2007

socks..and more socks!!!

'Lewis' was really good last night...i managed to get upto and including the gusset decreases. so the way im going i maybe wearing the socks by friday.....i hope so as i cant wait to get knitting with my new fyberspates sock yarn.
in the meantime iv got my design head on n am gonna have a go at doing a few patterns as well as repairing/making a new yarn swift...mine is really poorly. its quite old n bought off ebay a while ago, one of the three arms have come away from the main body. so iv consulted stepson (who did woodwork at school unlike me) n he agrees with my design...having a square of wood with 4 arms of wood 'hinged'(if i can find hinges small enough that is) to the base. then the whole thing to rotate on a nail attached to a larger block of wood or g clamp. very crude design but if it does the job i dont care. esp as iv got at least 2 skeins that need winding....and with a trip to nottingham coming up there maybe more!!!!!
so i think a trip to b&q tomorrow is in order....


vickihobson said...

Hi Mel!This is brill! what I want to know is how do you find time to do this and knit and everything else!! Dont forget to come to Chester soon!

Vicki xx

woolydoodles said...

that'd be telling!!!