Tuesday, February 20, 2007

a long...long day

took maddy in to have her 'operation' this morning at cats protection...i was dressed as usual in my pj's and made sure i got her there on time unlike her prev appointment when i overslept!
then took twiggy to our vets, but as id already left the cat box with maddy i got a bleary eyed stepson to come with me. she was born on 11/11/06 n is only tiny and has developed diahorrea recently. shes still eating drinking playing and using her tray as usual but despite worming her shes still 'going' all the time. so the vet has given me some diff wormer to the one they gave me last time, some sensitive stomach food and antibiotics to see how she gets on. so far so good shes perked up even more than usual and really enjoyed her adventure in the car!
this afternoon i went with my partner to the hospital to get a few things checked up ...everything is fine....so had to get a friend to pick maddy up, and still managed to get to b&q for some wood and hinges.
i am totally knackered now and my legs have already told me iv done too much.
so im gonna have a hot bath with a new book n see if that does the trick.

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