Monday, June 2, 2008

At Last!

First of all I'd like to thank everyone for all your lovely comments, it really is appreciated!
I had 2 surprises last week...
1. The washer man turned up out of the blue. So I now have a working washing machine, thank goodness.
2. I got my very long awaited back pay!
So I've been having a bit of a spending spree. A has had some new clothes, J a new phone and clothes and the cats have all had brand new's very loud in our house due to all the jingling! Even George is wearing a collar now, which is something I thought I'd never see as his eczema can be really bad around his neck area, he looks really posh and is very happy with it!
My big treat will come later in the week as I'm off to the Threshing barn to try a new Louet Julia wheel. I've been eyeing up a folding wheel for a while now, and after seeing the specs for the Julia I feel it might just be what I'm looking for :)
Hopefully pics of any haul next time.......