Sunday, February 25, 2007

"an L of a night"...

how fab...
im sitting in nottingham recovering from last night. we got down here yesterday afternoon and after frantically dying each others hair(i am now dark brown) we went to nottingham playhouse for "L of a night!"
wow is all i can say. weve never been to a lesbian night before...being stuck in the little town of St Helens... and u could say we were blown away! iv never been in a room with so many other gay women, well apart from the scissor sisters gig in november! ...i counted 3 men in the whole audience, and i think at least 1 of them was gay! i came very close to winning the 'longest hair in the audience'....mine comes just past my shoulders!!!!
first of all there were a band called 'greymatter', we really liked them they reminded me of 'all about eve'...then a comedienne called claire somerville(prob got that wrong) and she was cool. then after the interval...yes we do get intervals at these type of things!!!....there was a singer/songwriter al start...she was fab....and last but not least...omg.....sue perkins!!!!!! iv never laughed soooooooo much! my cheeks are still aching a bit now from all the laughing i did!
i just wish things were put on like this close to home...yes i know i live 1/2hr from both liverpool and manchester but itd be nice just to hop on a bus instead of having to worry bout driving!
my darling J has just gone home(shes got work in the morning) so im left cat sitting with my sisters 2 gorgeous cats. its very quiet as im so used to more that 2 sets of feet running around..still theyr very cuddly n purry.
so what to do now???
hmmmmmmmmm...knitting any1??!!!!!

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Alison said...

It sounds like you had a great time! A REALLY good night out is worth 100 "it was OK" ones!