Sunday, February 11, 2007

hasnt it been warm??

just how warm has it been today??
we have had sun and mild temps most of the day...i even debated as to whether i should put my wet washing on the line!!!
i just cant believe that just a few days ago it was bitterly cold and snowing!
re: the snow ball/window incident
thank u all for ur was worrying. but we are now just hoping it was 'just kids'. the police spent a fair bit of time parked on our front n even pulled a few kids in the car to warn them about throwing snow balls! from what i can gather we have been the talk of the road yesterday...and yes i live on a very long road!
iv spent most of the evening with my new best ball winder!
iv wound 900g of 4ply into ball cakes ready to be sent to a friend....balls are easier on the post than cones... i may even keep a few balls 'just in case'!
i started the hottie cover yesterday, iv just got a few more rows to do before casting off n then its the dreaded sewing up. i really need to go on a finishing course but they dont do them round here. so i have to coincide a trip to my sisters(in nottingham) with courses that are held at her LYS...prob is they are usually over 2 days at the weekend and that would mean taking friday and monday as holiday from work to 'plan' my energy...and holidays are a bit thin on the ground until april!
iv got a debbie bliss shaped edged jacket already blocked just waiting to be sewn but i dont want to make a mess of it esp as is in cashmerino astrakhan(a boucle type yarn). iv actually got some smooth aran in the same colour so i may use that instead.
i suppose its obvious now why i love knitting socks!!!!

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