Tuesday, December 23, 2008


OMG! I forgot my password!!!! That's the genuine reason I haven't posted.
Sunday I met up with Chris, Susan, Debs(blogless) and Nadine(who Ive been meaning to meet for aagggggges) at the Liverpool's Catholic cathedral cafe. We all took our knitting and had a lovely relaxing time talking, laughing and knitting. I was reminded while I was there that I hadn't posted on here since July! plus I still haven't put any photos on my Rav acct! Slapped wrists for me I think lol.
I was very brave this morning and went to town to get Jak's Xmas pressies. She drove me in and then met up with me later. We were only in town for about 2 hrs and most of that was taken up with having a cup of tea and a toasted teacake! I was very pleased with myself that I managed to do it esp after Friday I almost ran(well half hobbled) out of a shop and Saturday I abandoned poor Jak in Morrisons with the trolley as I just couldn't cope :(
Today tho', I treated myself to a mooch in the LYS and discovered they have all weights of RYC Cashsoft in their sale starting on Monday......guess where I'm going with my Xmas money on Tuesday?! I'm working my normal days all over the festive period apart from Bank Hols of course!
Have a lovely Xmas everyone....that's if there are still people that click here once in a while! I'll see you all soon x