Saturday, February 17, 2007

ear flap hat

here is the ear flap hat as promised...
it still needs tassels adding to the ear flaps but the main thing is that it fits like a dream on my huge head!!!!
the pattern is a sirdar one knitted top down.
yarn is sirdar nova(sadly discontinued..its so soft warm n light)
knitted on 8mm needles...supposed to use 6mm needles for edging but as i was erring on the large side i just used my 8mm
only took an evening!
its also my 2nd proper attempt at fair isle(the 1st was in the form of 12 mini xmas stockings for sockfairy) and im really pleased with the results!!!
so im now gonna have a very warm head in the evenings when we go camping!!!!
iv frogged my jaywalkers as i dont feel the yarn will show the pattern to its best advantage. so iv cast on and am now upto the gusset shaping for a pair of trainer socks(my own pattern)
off to do some more knitting........


Alison said...

Great hat! Are we all in hat mode? Is Jaywalkers a difficult pattern? I was thinking of tackling it myself.

woolydoodles said...

thank u! iv been wanting an ear flap hat for ages! n now iv got one that fits...
jaywalkers arent hard at all just 2 rows to the pattern(one of which is plain knit) but the opal parrot i was using is just too busy for the pattern...i may use some yummy fyberspates instead!