Thursday, April 12, 2007


omg i cant believe it....
i rang my first choice of campsite (for woolfest) on tuesday and explained we would like two nights with electric.....
1. they have the space
2. i told her we are 2 females(in case they have a problem with it) and she said that was fine!!!!!

its VERY hard to find a campsite that will allow us to camp being 2 females. so im still in shock!
iv even met a straight couple that was turned away from 1 site because they didnt have children!...the sad thing being is that they couldnt have any.

saw E yesterday at work and her brother loves his new socks! and C loved the gloves i knitted her as a pressie. shes seen my debbie bliss shrug/cardi from simply soft and wants me to knit it for her......
meanwhile im ploughing on with my second jaywalker...why is it im finding it so easy to mess up such an easy pattern??..iv had to frog it twice already!


Liz R. said...

Hi Mel!!

I'm sorry that I didn't respond to you messages at Swap-Bot in a timely way. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog!

I've got lupus, fibromyalgia and interstitial cystitis. I've recently been dignosed with hypoglycemia (which puts my favorite obsession (eating cake)in dire straits!)

I was social worker working with AIDS patients in the late 1980's and early 1990's. I quit to raise my kids in 1991. I became ill in 1996 and even though my kids are teens I can't return to work. It puts a huge strain on our financial life. I'm not eligible for any assistance at all through our (crappy) government.

What is it that you suffer from?? I'm not familiar with the term ME.

Lots of love and wishes for good health! Liz R.

vickihobson said...

Grrr i just typed this the lost it!
Hi Mel its Vicki! Nice blog well done! We arnt far from voirrey , u shud a yelled cuda come down to see you!
Glad you found a site. One nr here wont take kids, its adults only! Most just wanna stop gangs of hoolies i think!

take care, hugs

Vicki x

scarletti said...

Great idea to camp at Woolfest. Hope it's brill. Been loving your posts so far, glad to hear those gifted are happy too!
Love Sockfairy xx

Chris said...

Wr're booked into a campsite too! haven't a clue which one as it's friends who've organised it but it's easy reach of the shops, I'd love to meet up if it is the same one!
Re: my stash, the top ones were actually Posh yarns cashmere that just happened thru the door that morning, only 200 yds but gorge colours. The Fyberspates was her sock cub which used to be £25 for 3 months but has gone up to £30 so I'm doing my own thing now, there's so many funky sock patterns out there anyway. There's definitely freedom spirit ( though it's going down rapidly) but probably not Freedom- you'll have to suss the rest out for yourself!


My lordy I had no idea that campsites (of all places) could be so intolerant.....I'm glad you found somewhere willing to accept your custom and your hard earned cash! Maybe see you at Woolfest!

woolydoodles said...

wow! camping for woolfest sounds like an idea had by a lot of people!!!!
hope to see you all there....x

Anonymous said...

i can't believe there are such intolerant campsites... i think i am going to call ours to make sure i can bring my daughter along!
maybe c u there.