Sunday, April 15, 2007

Another hot day!

Here is a pic of Poppy enjoying the hot sun with her 'blue bone' cant see it on this but she has the most striking blue eyes Iv ever seen on a dog. Shes beautiful but then I am biased!!!
This is Maddy my mischief maker! Every day she visits the neighbours houses. If she doesn't go there we have people asking if shes OK! She was hiding amongst some garden rubbish and I wanted to take a photo of her there to play 'spot Maddy' but she moved before I could get the camera!
This is the result of J's hard work over the last 2 weekends. All the bricks n stuff are things either we have recycled or are reclaimed.
Here is the other side of the front garden. we did this last year so this time it was just a case of tidying up. I'm a person that hunts through the half dead plants in b&q and garden centres. last year i got a rhododendron plant for a couple of quid and now it has buds on it!!!

Yesterday I had my birthday day out with my mum. We went to see 'Tuppence to cross the Mersey' at the Liverpool Empire. It was one of the first books I read when I was younger so it was really touching. The musical was really good the only thing was it did finish abruptly which was a shame. We then went to mums and had tea. It was a really lovely day...I even managed to knit some 'jaywalker' on the train!!!!


Artis-Anne said...

Aw cute kitty and I have always loved dogs with blue eyes I used to have a collie as a child who had one blue and one pale green eye. I too am always the one raiding the sale plants stall or car boot sales is another great place for plants.
Glad you had a great Birthady treat with your Mum :)That's one thing I miss about not living near to Liverpool any more , the theaters. I still have that book :) have you read 'Her Bennie'another 'Liverpool' book which I love ?

woolydoodles said...

yeah i remember that title! i read a lot of books like that when i was younger...i loved knowing exactly where the author was talking about.
poppy is a blue merle collie/jack russell..and inherited all the bm colours and traits. one of her brothers had 1 blue eye and 1 brown eye and they kept him and called him 'bowie'. the rest of the litter were all mini black and white collie types...pops and bowie were the only ones left when we went to see the litter.
where abouts in m/side are you from??? originally from the wirral.