Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I did it! I did it! I did it!

This is it....my very first yarn that I have spun on my new wheel!!!!!!!!!
I havent a clue as to the type of fibre it is except that its wool....its something I bought on ebay ages ago that was dyed in ocean colours. I managed to get about 92 yards(not sure about the weight Im afraid)Im so chuffed...ok I know its a bit thick and thin but that will even out with practice.
I find spinning much easier with a wheel and my legs and arms haven't been as sore as I thought they might be....so fingers crossed it may help with the pain in the long run.
Iv got to say tho'......I love plying!!!!!!!!!


Chris said...

yaaay, well done! You deserve a pat on the back, I'm glad you like your new wheel. I just can't stop spinning my pretty fleece at the mo, I'm going to rename it to "cinderella fleece"! It was easy peasy dyes from www.handspin.co.uk , cheap 'n' cheerful and v. easy to use.
you can mail me on chrispindle@yahoo.co.uk if you ever want a "private" chat.

Alison said...

You must be walking round like the cat that got the cream - and deservedly so! I daren't get into spinning just in case I get hooked. Mind you I didn't see the attraction of socks until quire recently so there's always time...

Liz R. said...


The wool is so beautiful!!! What a great job you did!!

Liz R

Artis-Anne said...

Congratulations on getting your new wheel and a great fist yarn spun on it :)
It truly is addictive isn't it ?

scarletti said...

Brilliant. wow, you did that. Cool. And it looks like all those super dooper expensive designer hanks. How will you preserve your 1st... as it is or will you knit it up into something?

Well done, I'm really impressed.

SockknittingMama said...

Wow, wow youve done it. Well done. Isn't it fun?
If you do it carefully, the legs will hold up I am sure. As with everything, once hooked it can be a bit of an obsession.