Friday, April 6, 2007

Fingerless Gloves

these are the fingerless gloves iv done for my sisters friend. they probably dont look very exciting in the picture but in 'real' life they are so nice! theyr done using knitpicks ambrosia in mint knitted using my own pattern. im really pleased with them i just hope she like them.
as i sewed in the ends at work, my colleagues saw them and iv already got an order!
my mate E loved the socks so we just have to see if they help her brother...fingers crossed they do as it will be great to have helped him.
J has been very busy in the garden...shes 'built' a pavedish area down the side of the drive. its a difficult area to do anything with as its more of a slanting hill. so shes covered it with reclaimed bricks and broken flags so hopefully that will sort it out so we dont have to worry about it.(ill take a pic when shes done)
on the new toy front...i will be getting it in a week or this space!

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