Friday, April 20, 2007

finished at last!

They are done at last........the long awaited 'jaywalkers'.
I don't know whether I'm more of a frogger or a tinker with the amount iv done with these!
J proudly wore them to work on Thursday and apparently had a lot of approving comments!!!!
Iv also completed a washcloth pattern for Betsan from stitchlinks. I had originally designed it to be about 6in square but she then asked me to make it 10in square. So I spent Thursday test knitting my pattern (as well as lots of washing as the weather was so nice)before emailing that off...I don't know which took longer... the knitting or the typing..(my typing isn't very fast).
Iv now started using the yarn that Ali dyed for me from my sock yarn swap. I'm knitting 'Conwy' from Knitting on the Road by Nancy Bush. I would have had a photo by now but had forgot to decrease for the calf(I'm used to knitting shorter socks!). So then I had to frog back all the rows Id managed to do at work today (whilst suffering with a migraine)...typical!
Looking forward to Sunday as we are off to Staffordshire to hopefully get my new toy!!!!

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scarletti said...

Brilliant socks, I love the colours. Nightmare about the others, I think I would have thrown them at the wall before frogging! Actually no, I would simply have thrown them at the wall and hated them for a large amount of sulk time! xx