Sunday, April 22, 2007

My new toy.....

After all the she new(to me) spinning wheel.
She's about 15 years old and did belong to a lady that treasured her until she got Altziemers and so was unable to spin. So I'm now the proud owner of one Ashford traditional spinning wheel pair of curved carders, a large niddy noddy, a lazy kate and the Ashford book of spinning and Janet has also given me a big bag of fleece to get stuck into(I cant remember the breed of sheep it came from tho!). We went to pick her up from the Threshing Barn today where Dave had given her a 'service' and while i was there i got some purpley dyed texel and a pressie for my sp10. J got stuck in and bought some beads and also some free range eggs from the farm.
On the pic you can just see Maisie on the front left, Bella on the right and Zippy in the back ground.


scarletti said...

Yessss!!! how excited must you be. This is a long-awaited but well deserved treat for you. Can't wait to see the great things you do with it.


Chris said...

yaaay!!! You've got to come visit now and we can have a spin in!
i'm having fun playing with colour at the moment, but I've got Jaywalkers on my to do list in the near future!