Friday, March 2, 2007

an amazing few days!

amazing is how i describe the last few days!
wednesday i went to 'knit n chat' at Yarn in
it was lovely just sitting round with like minded people having a coffee and of course knitting! i love going to things like that(just wish we had something at home...i would organise something but i dont think id have the energy long term) meeting like minded people, seeing what projects theyr doing was from going to the same session in sept last year that i saw the shaped edged jacket some1 was knitting n i thought iv gotta do it 4 me!..i hadnt even seen debbie bliss yarn b4 then let alone knitted with it.this time i ended up buying the rialto pattern book some yarn 1 for sewing up my jacket n 1 to knit a design thats in my head with beads(i also bought!)i didnt realise how easy beading is!!!
then after going back for some lunch i went over to visit bev from
her house is amazing, she has one room just dedicated to yarn and crafts...iv even took pics on my phone to show j as i dont think she will believe me! well i was there most of the afternoon...bev does a lot of felting and her handbags are out of this world! so of course i just had to buy some of her felting yarn(of which iv already done my bag it just needs felting now) some circulars some alpaca spinning fibre and of course the thing that drew me to her in the 1st place...banana silk yarn...yes banana! its gorgeous.
yesterday bev picked me up in the morning n along with her mum n friend we went to
and visited janet there. words cant describe how u feel walking into her 'shop'
its FULL of all kinds of craft items that people and janet have made!(janet has a farm n the shop is next door)...u dont know what to look at first, put it this way u could be there a week n still find something new. and then u go upstairs.......along with the beads and soap ingredients there is a vast amount of yarn from the fancy to hand spun n dyed!
there are 3 spinning wheels ....and janets work experience girl(lydia) gave me a quick lesson on n ashford traditional...i found it difficult to move my foot at the right time so this fuels my desire for a traveller as its double treadle....i made some yarn!!!!! AND the best bit is janet is a supplier of ashford and louet wheels and bits!!! so iv told her as soon as my back pay comes in ill be down(shes only an hour away from me) for my ashford traveller!!!!!
i ended up coming away with 2 dyed bats of carded wool in greeny colours(my fave), 2 x100g of bluefaced leicester..1 natural n 1 black/ intending to spin these gorgeous colours together and some ceramic fairtrade cat buttons to put on my next felted well as a pressie for a friend but cant mention what as she reads my blog!!!
i feel so lucky to have had such a fantastic time these last few days..being at yarn n then meeting bev n then janet...i feel iv met some amazing people that are so enthusiastic and passionate about their rand j and mum and told them we are gonna have to start doing crafty things together....
today, im having a rest!!!!

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Alison said...

It sounds like you had great fun! Keep on doing what you're doing!