Saturday, March 17, 2007

skein winder(s)!

well iv gone from not having a skein winder to now having 2!!!
i went to the post office on tuesday to pick up the one id bought off ebay on sunday n there was also another parcel there for me.....the winder that had got lost in the post in feb!!!!!!!
so im now the proud owner of a brand spanking new one that clamps to the table or door and an older version that has a weighted base that just sits on the table or floor.
so i had great fun winding 4 skeins of yarn last night from an order id received from Bev...2 skeins of 100% tiedyed wool in lilacy purples and also 2 skeins(1 i already had before) of banana yarn. im busy knitting this into a bag to be felted for my mum for mothers day.....
luckily i have a few days grace as im only seeing her on tuesday as my sis and i are taking her out for a suprise lunch and then a trip to voirrey.....mmmmmmm lots of stitching things!
health wise things have been pretty crap. if my boss hadnt changed my duties i dont think i would have been able to go in this week. iv been very tired and my 'electric' pain is coming back pretty rather than dwell on it im just trying to knit thro' it!
oh also iv had 2 orders this week...1 for a pair of fingerless gloves(my own pattern) for my sisters mate and 1 for some 100% wool socks for my mate at works brother...he has cerebral palsy and has poor circulation so some wool socks should help a bit.
so better get back to my knitting....

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Key Lime Ply said...

Ha Ha! I can leave comments now, because I'm no longer anonymous.

2 swifts?! Hurrah! Now you just need more yarn, right? ;)