Sunday, March 11, 2007

my poor skein winder

today at approx 5pm my skein winder died......
j tried unsuccesfully to revive it with the addition of hinges(it was 3 armed) but itmade no difference.
so my darling skein winder died peacefully.
it wound many a gorgeous skein of yarn and will be sadly missed.............

aaagggghhhhhhhhh what am i gonna do now?????
j wants me to buy one off ebay but last time i did that it got lost in the i just dont know.

this week has been weird. iv been back at work and so consequently very tired. iv been zombified due to the fatigue and also the drugs for pain(its been pretty bad this weekend).
iv casted on and knitted to the heel for a pair of jaywalkers in regia multi ringel. its really bright colours...the zig zagging looks fab! i still dont know how i managed to knit so much!!!...j has already decided that this pair are for her and they will be her 'pride' socks...theyr almost rainbow coloured.
im really looking forward to this months yarn from fyberspates sock club. last months was a reddy/pinky merino n i love it(even though im not keen on pink) i stroke it when i go into my yarn box under the coffee table...and thats just part of the stash!
j has been a superstar laying cushioned lino in the dining room part of the kitchen...the bit where the animals eat and sleep.
im knackered now so im off for a hot bath........

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