Wednesday, March 7, 2007


my darling j turned up a day early n knocked on my sisters door on saturday instead of sunday. it was lovely i had missed her sooooooo much.

my sis got back sat night, she had had a fantastic time. we decided to go out for lunch on sunday and introduced j to a carvery...still cant believe she had never had one!!!!

we got back early sun evening after an awful drive home in the belting rain.

last night i decided to spin some of my hand dyed fleece id bought....i now have 20+ metres of greeny grey yarn!!! and still got the other half of it left to do!

went back to work today, it was good but very busy....

so im absolutly shattered!

above is a pic of the things i bought while i was in notts...the greeny fleece is in the top right hand corner.....


SockknittingMama said...

found you at last, will stay in touch with blog

woolydoodles said...

great to see your new blog!
take care
mel x