Friday, March 23, 2007

and theres more.......

ok....i know i promised some pics of the fleece and merino id spun so here it is at last!
the top 2 are the greeny fleece i got from the threshing barn....i managed 60+metres but it is going to need plying. i have some merino n other bluey fleece coming from ebay so ill just have to see what is suitable.
the bottom skein is the very first proper atempt at spinning using my drop spindle...its a purple/blue/white mix of merino, and i was so pleased with myself as i managed to spin 17+metres out of bits i carded together at my spinning lesson!
iv got some gorgeous chocolate brown as well as mixed colours of alpaca to spin as well as some merino and also merino and mulberry silk but iv been too tired by the time the cats have gone to bed.
work was great today...i was back in the lab but i did give my TENS machine a good bashing!
i think, as i have 2 of those machines, that i may have to hook one up to each leg n see how i get on. my problem is that the pain moves around to different places so its just gonna be trial and error.
as for my arms luckily knitting still seems to do the im just hoping......that when....and only when.........i get my back pay and so get my double treadle spinning wheel that it may help my legs in the same way!


Alison said...

spinning too! yummy yarn, I do hope you can get a wheel soon to help your legs. Isn't it great when you can justify your expenses as rehab! Not that you'd wish pain on another person, more tha you look for silver linings!

SockknittingMama said...

Really great spinning- do get a wheel it makes it a lot easier and faster. Pacing is a must. I manage 20 mind per day to get some oxygen pumped in the pianful legs. Your doing a great job!