Sunday, October 7, 2007

It's October already!!!

I can't believe it's October already...where has this year gone??
I managed to get back to work this week. Thank you to everyone who sent good wishes regarding my health. I really feel that 'something' is doing the rounds and I managed to catch it early on. I went to Occy health at work this week and was told they should have flu jabs in next week so I'm going to be first in line I think!
On the crafting front, big thanks go to Chris. We are both creating the same item for our SPs and I got rather stuck as the pattern didn't 'add' up! So luckily Chris sorted it out(she's done lots of this type of pattern so understands the construction better than I do) and I'm now on the home straight......I'm hoping to get as much as poss done before the weekend when SOCKWARS starts. Talking of which I still haven't checked my gauge. Yarn Monkey states it's 25stx34rows or something like that so I'll either dig in my DK stash or maybe some hand spun????
I actually did some spinning this week. I've spun up some Wensleydale that I'd dyed in blue/pink/heather and that's come out a heavy DK weight and also self first attempt at dyeing to knit it up that way! I also spun some green and brown of unknown type of wool fibre that I bought just before or as I got Audrey off Ebay. It looks horrible carded but it has spun up lovely. A kind of tweedy effect!!! Another pair of socks I think and if that doesn't work out it can be used on my mitred square camping blanket. Again a DK weight.
Oh, I'm now on Ravelry! My name on there is 'woolydoodles' naturally!!!


Alison said...

Isn't Ravelry fun? I just added some books today, and my library now looks very nice!
Alison x

mazzam again said...

Hello -paying a return visit. I had a lovely chat with Bev on the merits of Woolfest, Wonderwool and the new one she had been to in Devon. Harrogate Knit and Stitch in November is brilliant too.

Artis-Anne said...

Thanks for you comments on my blog and yes that laceweight overdyes fine but I did re mordant it and yes you do have to be careful about not felting it .
So glad that you are feeling better, there has defo been a bug doing the rounds.
Your spinning sounds lovely too :)

Cinders said...

Hi mel,
glad to have found you on Ravelry. isnt it fun?! I've been on there for a few hours now when I should be knitting

Glad you're feeling a bit better.

Jen said...

I'm not signed up to sock wars this year, I've got too much knitting on :(

I will add you on ravelry though - I am interiorlulu

Alison said...

I've tagged you for the 8 random things meme! Surprise me!