Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I've killed Chris?!

This weekend has been taken up knitting for sockwars. Unfortunately for Chris she was my target. So after knitting solidly on Saturday then blocking the socks J and myself drove over to the Wirral and 'killed' her. I knitted the socks from some pure wool in blue/purple random that I thought she would like. To soften the blow I did give her some chocolate ands fresh cream choccy eclairs(well you wouldn't be able to put those in the post would you!?). Sorry Chris!
She had already completed her 1st sock for her target so I have now made its mate. They should be in the post today(when they are dry).
In the meantime Donna is my assassin! she has knitted me a gorgeous pair of socks(I've only seen pics of them). The post has been and gone so it'll be tomorrow when I die!!!!!!
I've now just got to complete my secret knitting for my SP and then I can look to doing something else....namely the Mystic waters mystery shawl....I've got the yarn and just need to dye it up in appropriate colours, teals/blues/greens I think.
Oh talking of my SP she got her 1st parcel and loves it!!!! I'm so pleased esp as she wanted to learn to spin so I put 'rare breeds' roving and a spindle in for her...she is really happy with it!
Thanks to everyone for adding me on Ravelry. I've still not had energy and photo to start building my notebook up!


scarletti said...

Great Needles you're fast! Well fought sock warrior. Me? I'm a ghost, but snug in cashmerino! Hope you enjoy your last hours of the fight.

Cinders said...

This sockwars sounds fun. I've been a bit sleepy and just jumped on the socktober bandwagon!

You'll have to post piccies of your dyed yarn