Sunday, October 28, 2007

Hands up, who wants to live here?

or here?

There is a house for sale in spinners drive if anyone is interested!

I discovered these roads when I took my Fiesta to a friend of a friend to look over prior to the MOT. Unfortunately my car failed so it needs quite a bit of welding doing which is only to be expected on an 11 yr old car!

This week has been awful health wise. It is the wrong time of the month and my ME/fybro is always worse then. So luckily work let me take Friday off as holiday as I really needed the rest. Tomorrow is my Dad's 60th birthday and I'd already booked it off. So in effect I've got nearly a week off. My sis, Mum, Grandad and I are going to take my Dad out for lunch tomorrow...he's not a party person. I've still got to decorate his cake!!!

Below is a pic I forgot to put on my last post of the yarn that I've spun.

Starting bottom left is the red/purple/blue BFL I'd dyed, it's a sock weight. Then above that is the green/blue/yellow BFL again I'd dyed and that is aran/chunky weight. Next to that is 2 skeins of Wensleydale in Heathery and blue self stripes(again I dyed), this is a DK/aran weight.

Under that is the green tweedy mix, a DK weight and then next is 2 skeins of pastel wool/nylon mix again in a DK weight.

This week I've started the 2nd Denmark sock and got to the gusset on those. I may even finish those tonight. I've also spun and plied the first lot of curry roving. It's just sitting on the bobbin until I have the energy to skein it up.

Here is the start of the Mystical waters shawl. I tried it in the lace weight I'd dyed. I loved the colour but had probs as it was extremely fine and difficult to see what I was knitting and to frog. So I bit the bullet and bought some slightly heavier lace weight (more to the weight of the original done by the designer). My only prob is I'm only going to have 1200yds not 1200m like the pattern requires but I'm sure I'll be able to do something to sort it out. Just waiting on the post for that now as well as some undyed lace weight, foot lasts(for my felted slippers) and also a parcel from my SP. I just can't understand our post as it comes via Crewe not Liverpool(where there are still backlogs). So I think I'm just going to have to be patient!


SP said...

Oh bums! I was hoping you'd get it this weekend :(

Just so you know, there's two parts to this one - there's an A4 envelope, and a box ::nods::

Hope you're well!


Chris said...

Thanks for the comment, love your handspun, you have been busy! There's definitely something in the air, everyone I know has something wrong with them at the mo. but hopefully you'll feel better soon.
I'll have to tease you with the yarn selection when I go to knitting group on Tuesday!
See you soon

Helen said...

he he! Those street names are great.

Hope your post turns up soon :)

sarah said...

I would love a house in Yarn Close!