Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Photos at last!!!

J was a darling and found the camera software and installed it for me so I could give you these photos as promised!

This is my first parcel from my SP...minus the Green and Blacks choc which has long gone! I think with the weather becoming increasingly colder(hovering around the minus figures)...which we need after the summer that never was.....I'm going to have to knit a scarf with the squishy alpaca. Thank you again SP.
This is my sisters cat Yogi. He is George's brother from the same litter. He's such a cuddle man and I had to physically move him each night, while I looked after them, so I could get into bed! He did curl up in my back to help when i was in a lot of pain. He's a sweetie. He also lives up to his name as he 'yogles'(yodles) a lot when talking to you!
This is Button, Yogis sister(same father different mother... I own both their mothers). She is a very pretty girly girl that loves having her tummy tickled! She's such a cutie.....and a pig as she never stops eating!!!!
Saturday Chris and I went to the Friendship day at the Frodsham branch of the spinners and weavers guild. We had a lovely day(if not very tiring) and this was my haul. 2x100g blue rainbow merino(something for J I think) and 2x100 'curry'(as Chris called it) rainbow merino ...only one in the pic as I've started spinning the other(see pic below)...all for me! There's also some alpaca/silk and merino/silk as well as some 4.5mm bamboo(at last!) circulars to knit my Mystic waters shawl.....I had to cut my horrible metals as my sts wouldn't budge on them!
Talking of the shawl, this is the lace weight I have dyed for it. I also threw in some Shetland fibre that I picked up on Sat in the dye pot too. I didn't stir the mixture as I wanted a semi ish solid variation...(it is slightly darker than the pic) I'm still in 2 minds as to add some blue or green over the lighter parts...I don't know really?
I'll leave you with the cutie pics I promised ages ago just before the kitts went to their new home. George(notice the similarity to Yogi?...he's just a black version of George) with his baby sister Lily in Poppy's bed.
And here's Squeeze looking gorgeous cuddled on Lily's blanket!


Chris said...

Cuuuute Kitties! (And I'm not a cat oriented person as I'm allergic!).
I'm glad you liked the friendship day, I'll have to gat around to posting my spoils in the week, not enough hours in the day!

Jen said...

Lovely kitties!!

I have started spinning :)