Saturday, November 3, 2007

I love my Secret Pal!

Look what my SP sent me this week!
There is 3 (yes 3!) bags of merino roving...oranges, greens and reds.
A cable sock pattern....very me!
2 notebooks and a diary,
some humbug sweets..yummy!...already eaten.
and some fab cat shaped highlighter pens....which arrived at exactly the right time as I've started the Mystic waters(MW) shawl this week!
My SP is fab, Thank you so much. I'm now looking forward to finding out exactly who you are !

This is the 1st clue for the MW shawl. My new yarn arrived early in the week and I got as far as this by Wed night. I'm about a quarter of my way thro' clue 2 now but pics of that when I've done it ! This yarn is much easier to see the pattern...and I get to use my lovely new bamboo circulars too! Donna.....notice the 'sheepies' are coming in very handy?

Last weekend was fab. I ended up staying at my parents house on Sun. My sister and I waited 'til my Dad went to bed(which wasn't as early as usual as they were still recovering from a flight back from the Caribbean which they made Friday). We then managed to decorate both his and Mum's cars, the house and the fence posts. Poppy woke me up next morning as she could hear him moving around(I was shattered as you can imagine). We went for lunch and took his cake. I really think he enjoyed his day.

I took my Fiesta('Feeps') in for her welding on Tuesday and a very sweet AA man took pity on me at the garage and drove me home so I wasn't struggling...walking and talking was very hard on Tuesday...but it was worth it for Dad to have a good birthday.

J has picked the car up and Feeps has now passed her MOT and has her tax disc for another 6 months. So I'm mobile again! out Chris, you will have a visitor when I'm up to it!

Oh nearly forgot, I managed to get some Sublime angora/merino at half price!!! I'm thinking of knitting Viveka from knitty with it, just got to make sure I've got tension with it first.

FO alert! the Denmarks are finished but J wouldn't let me block them as she wanted to wear them straight away for work!!! Pics as soon as I can.

Right I'm going to grab a cup of coffee and have a rest! Enjoy your weekend.


Sue said...

Your Mystic Waters is looking good and I love the stitch markers!

Alison said...

What a lovely time you're having! Spoiling from SP, car passed MOT and the shawl is looking lovely.