Thursday, August 23, 2007

Pictures at last!

OK as promised, here are the long awaited piccies. This is the fleece I spun up and dyed with 'pretend' Koolaid(2 green, 2/3 cherry and 2/3 tropical(orangey)). J now wants this yarn for socks for herself!
This is the BFL I dyed using acid dyes. I'm really pleased with the colours and how they have merged. So I'm looking forward to spin these once I've finished the Presto Chango(see Shoeless blog for the pattern) and a cardi from 'Cheeky chinos' for the new baby's older sister...for my preggie mate from work.
A FO!!!! This is the yarn I was gifted from Angora Anne...she had dyed it herself. She did send me a lovely pattern to knit. I tried it but toe up socks are really not me, I much prefer to knit cuff down. Anyway these are my Monkeys on my brand new sock blockers. I had been asking around about these and decided to get them from Get Knitted as there was some 4ply soft there that I wanted to knit I Love Gansey sock from SixSockknitalong.
Here is Squeeze in his favourite place......the scratching post. He likes to play 'King of the castle' with it!
Here is Lily being cute. They never fail to amaze me, they've weaned themselves, learnt to drink water, regularly groom, used the 'big boys and girls' tray rather than their little tray and basically cause havoc!!!!!
This week has been really nice so far. Chris invited me to a Guild 'meet' at a lovely lady's garden on Tuesday. Apparently this happens once a year that she opens her garden for guild members. We had a lovely afternoon spinning. I managed to ply the sugared next time as it's drying at the moment. I managed to get 270yds Navajo plyed, so there's enough for some DK socks. The garden was beautiful, it was like something out of a novel. It was so quiet and sitting in stunning surroundings it felt like I was on holiday! A real secret garden.
After having a long day out on Tuesday, yesterday I was shattered to say the least. At lunchtime I had a wander to Abakhan and picked up some Welsh Mountain top....yes you read correctly Abakhans selling spinning fibres!!!!! It is pretty kempy and with the dark fibre you would expect from Welsh mountain, but it is softer than I thought it would be. So I thought at the very least I could do some dyeing with it!
I also managed to have a look around for SP11 gifts...........
Talking of which I had an email from my pal today. She sounds really lovely. I'm so looking forward to spoiling her!
I'm off now to have another stab at Presto Chango...the sooner it's finished, the sooner I can start the cheeky chinos cardi, the sooner I can start spinning my dyed fibre!!...That's saying that I stick to it!


Liz R. said...

What a great job you did with the dying!!! Are you sure that this was your first time??? Just gorgeous!

And the kittens? Too unbelievably cute!! Aren't kittens fun?? We've decided to keep our 3 and I'm so excited! The little faces on yours just melted my heart!

My Secret Pal seems very sweet! I don't have a lot of info my the SP I send to so I have to keep bugging her. For her own good, of course!!

Have a great day and rest!

Liz R. said...

Oh and the Monkeys are beautiful!! I just finished my first Monkeys too!! Isn't it a fun and easy pattern??

scarletti said...

Wow, you've been busy. i love the yarn colours and the FO. But i do think lily is just beautiful, is she really that tiny? Want to swap one of my Smalls for one of yours?

Helen said...

Great dyes there, and the socks are fab.

I might have to come over and steal your kittens though!!

Jen said...

Gorgeous yarn and yay for the kitties as well, bless 'em.

As for the award, you just upload the image to blogger. I altered my layout to add a picture that way.

Chris said...

I loved your Dyed skein, cute Puddy too! Check my blog. There might be a little surprise for you!

it said...

Hi Mel, just to let you know that Abakhan have launched a NEW ONLINE SHOP at

I work for them, and have come across your blog. Thoughts / comments much appreciated.

Kind Regards

- Will