Thursday, August 16, 2007

SP11 and dyeing!

OOOO it's the start of SP11 today. I've received the details for my down stream pal...I'm really pleased with the match. We seem to have an awful lot in common! I have lots of ideas of what to send.
Just waiting now for my upstream pal to get in touch.....I'm really looking forward to getting to know both people.
I changed my medication on Friday after an appalling week of pain. I decided to draw on my skin exactly where and when I got pain so the doctor could see what's going on. Well, I was covered in pen marks at work...I looked a real sight!!!! The doc has decided it is my tendons that are the problem due to the fybromyalgia :( So he's changed my meds and I'm now getting pain relief via a patch on my arm. It has made a difference and taken an edge off the pain so it's more bearable. Also I've not needed my other tablets as much and been more 'awake' so that is a real bonus!!!!
Today I've been playing with dyes! I received some BFL roving yesterday and thought I'd give it a whirl. I was very good and mixed all my dyes into squeezy bottles(no drips) and wrapped all the wool up once I'd coloured it. I steamed the cling film wrapped wool and now I have 100g of blue/green and 100g of red/blue/purple. I'm really pleased it's worked out well with minimal mess.
Sorry no pics as camera is still out of batteries.
I finished the felted bag for my sis. I love it but we will have to see what she thinks of it.
The monkeys are now onto the feet and I'm being very strict about not casting on for anything else before I finish them.
I've started spinning some sugar almond coloured wool/nylon. It's spinning like a dream. I've split each length into 8 and there's barely any drafting needed. I'd better finish it soon as I'm going to want to spin my newly dyed roving when its dry!!!
Update on the kitts.....they both know their names and will toddle over when called! They are really cute and their little personnalities are really showing thro'......Weaning next!!!

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Helen said...

Glad to hear that you are feeling a bit better, it sounds horrible.

I'm getting all kitty-broody! I love my great big monster cat, but there is something just so appealing about kittens!!