Sunday, August 5, 2007

I'm back after a very busy week!

First of all I'd like to thank everyone who has thought of us this week regarding Marley. It is been hard but we are trying to concentrate on the other two kittens.
So let me introduce Lily. She's a lovely little girl and loves nothing better than sitting on your lap just cuddling....this may change when she starts running around. (its Bella's whiskers on the pic)

This is Squeeze. He can be a very loud squeaker when he wants to be. He's destined to be a very loving and playful cat. They are both gorgeous kittens and it's lovely watching them grow up.

This week has been pretty hectic. Tuesday night J and I went to see the Scissor Sisters at the MEN in Manchester. They were absolutely amazing even better than last years gig!!!!

I booked Wednesday off work as I didn't think I'd have enough energy. So instead I had a lovely day with Chris. I gave her 'Nora', her fleece(I got it wrong in a previous post, Spot is my fleece) and some Wensleydale. I came back home laden with some yummy raspberry wool 4ply and black and white 4ply(for socks), aran cotton(for Presto Chango), orange Nova and Salsa!!!! As well as some pretend Kool Aid for dyeing. I started a pair of Monkeys while I was there. I must be one of the only people in Blogland that hasn't knitted any before! I'm doing them in some scrummy hand dyed yarn in blues, greens and yellows that was a gift from Angora Anne when I sent her a stretchy drive band. I have taken a photo but my camera batteries died on me before I could upload it.

Yesterday I decided to dye some yarn I have recently plied. Well, it started off that I wanted it to be green and something else but it ended up with a mix of green and cherry. Instead of being a pinky red it is a very strong red red. J has already informed me she wants socks out of the yarn. Don't know how it will stand up to being socks, but we will see. Good job I managed to spin 300yds ish...and we like ankle rather than longer socks!!

Today I took advantage of the warm weather and decided to wet block the Lunar moth shawl.
I did it outside using some spongy floor jigsaw pieces, I picked up from Asda a while ago, as a base.
I'm pleased with the results, just hope mum likes it as it's her birthday present(which was last Thursday!)
Boring bit.......knitted in Fyberspates Scrumptious(100g) on 8mm needles(suggests smaller but my tension is a problem) Pattern is Lunar Moth...sorry still don't know how to link. I'd def do it again as it's a nice quick, portable project.


Liz R. said...

Oh, Mel. I'm so sorry about Marley. He was gorgeous.YOu took such good care of him. Lily and Squeeze are adorable!! Isn't it fun having kittens in the house!!

Your Lunar shawl is breathtaking!!! I'm also working on my first pair of Monkey socks (see, you're not alone!) so I'm new to lace knitting. Was the shawl easy?? I was thinking of trying one but I'm too intimadaded!!

I hope you have a wonderful week; give the babies a kiss from me!!

Chris said...

Okay, I'm not particularly a cat person (though's turning me!), but those two are CUTE kittens!!! Shame they grow up to us your leg as a scratching post and other such delightful things.

Glad you had fun, I've been dyeing too! I love that shawl, I'll get round to it one day and I'm still not round to knitting Monkey's so you're not alone!

Probably Jane said...

Kittens and a beautiful shawl! Almost made me forget what I came for... I'm replying to your comment on my blog - the blockers came from an E-bay seller in the US called Chappy's Fiber Arts and Crafts. She does them on a whole range of sizes and designs and is very friendly and helpful.