Thursday, April 10, 2008

Ooooo a social life at last!

I managed to book yesterday off work as holiday so I could go to knitting at Borders at Cheshire Oaks on Tuesday evening. It was lovely, lots of space and like minded people. I finally got to meet Donna, who I feel as tho' I've known for ages, which was really nice. Needless to say I was shattered yesterday, which was my own fault as I got carried away chatting the night before so didn't get in until 10pm!!!!!
Thank you to everyone who has asked about Captain. He has perked up a little(still not his usual grumpy but very loving self quite yet) and I took him back to the vets. The vet tried to express some urine from him as we hadn't been able to get a sample ourselves...well bless him, Captain then couldn't stop weeing!!!! So the vet was pleased he had a full bladder(I suppose it showed his kidneys are working) and wants to see him again next week.
I'm now a third of the way thro' my 3rd clue of Mystic Light so the craft drought has hopefully gone! I'd better get some more knitting done.......


donnac1968 said...

Oh dear, sorry you overdid it, but it was good. Hope this doesn't put you off coming next month.
Glad to hear Captain is feeling a little better.

scarletti said...

Hurrah. Good for you. Glad to hear things are all picking up a bit. BTW my yarn is knitting up stunningly. thanks xxx

scarletti said...

Now I understand the allure of dyeing. Thank you for inspiring a new passion, and for helping with the the means to attain it!

Cinders said...

Glad you got a night out but sorry it made things worse. Thats the trouble with this blasted FM. choices all the time. still a bit of a social life is always worht the effort!
hows captain doing this week?

donnac1968 said...

Just noticed you are bowing out of Sock Wars!! What went wrong???

Hey I'm going to Woolfest, woo hoo!