Sunday, April 6, 2008


I wanted to do a separate post for this as Captain is a very special man to me. He was my first ever cat.
Yesterday, we took him to the vets as we had noticed he couldn't 'wee'.
It turns out he has a feline urinary syndrome. He has had all his bloods tested and a small amount of urine too. His kidneys don't appear to be in great shape and he is showing a small sign of infection. We came away from the vets with plastic granular litter to try and get a urine sample from him(very difficult as 1. he cant wee and 2. he prefers going outside), syringes to get liquid down him, antibiotics and Feliaway(a pheromone that's supposed to chill cats out).
Last night he came over for a big cuddle and we have been feeding him wet food (as opposed to his usual dry)and cat milk to get some liquid in him.
He seems a little happier today.
Got to go back to the vets on Tuesday.....thank god for insurance!


Danielle said...

Oh, the poor baby. I hope there is something the vet can do for him.

Cinders said...

Hi Mel, poor puss. I hope he recovers and feels better.
we will def have to meet up at the Trafford centre. But it will have to be a dreaded weekend as I dont drive so its down to hubby, and the Metro, where I can use my scooter doesnt go near enough. if I remember I'll PM you via Stitchlinks and we can exchange e-mail address's if you want for better comunication.

Emily said...

Poor kitty.. I'll keep Captain in my thoughts.