Sunday, April 6, 2008

It's snowing!

OMG it's snowing! It doesn't normally snow much here let alone stick due to us living near the River when I lived in S Yorks it was entirely different!

Our central heating is broken :( so I'm sat huddled under my woolly jumper and other layers next to an electric heater which is very greedy with our electricity pennies. We've already had a plumber out and now waiting for a 'spark' as it's something to do with the electrics?!

Anyway besides the by. I'm now well enough to go back to work(thank goodness)...this week has been horrible. All I've been able to do is a little bit on Mystic Light.
This is clue 1 with a little of clue 2. I've used the more bluey yarn first as that is at the neck edge and will then be at the top of the sunset colours.
I also thought I'd make a parcel up for Scarletti and spread a bit of yarn karma. She's been having probs with sock yarn and I knew I had a skein of DT Crafts sock yarn and thought it would be nice to dye some up for her. So the yarn, dyed to her specific colourways, it is now winging its way to her and she should have it tomorrow.

I really enjoyed doing it and it helped get me out of an illness induced craft drought.

Oh well, here's the electrician now....better go!


scarletti said...

You're a star.

Hope you've got some heat now. Has the snow settled?

I am in awe of your beautiful piece of knitting. Stunning!

BTW as for the original enraging swatch I have worked my way down from 3.25mm thro every gradation and reached 2mm and am just off. Don't think I could possibly knit on any smaller. Abandoning that yarn!!

Rubbing hands in glee at the thought of yours on its way.xx

Sue said...

Hi Mel,

I love the way the yarn looks in your shawl, it's going to be gorgeous.
Hopefully you have heating again by now!