Monday, May 26, 2008

Ooooo I've been a naughty blogger

I can't believe how long it has been since I last posted!
Here are some finished projects to show what I've been up to.....
First is my Mystic Light shawl modelled by J. It is knit in Posh Yarn Lei.
Above is Mr Greenjeans from Knitty. I used Sublime Angora/merino for this....reminder to self, angora does not like to be frogged! I used the yarn I had got for Viveka as I thought I would probably wear this more often. It's really snuggly and warm. I may knit this again as this was my first top down cardigan and couldn't believe how simple it was! With the added bonus of no sewing :)

Here is some BFL I dyed esp to spin for Mystic Meadows. The spec for it is 960yd of fingering weight yarn. I finished plying all but 100g of it on Saturday and after skeining up I realised I was 66yd short!!!! Anyway another 50g has been spun and I now have a total of 1050yd, so that should be enough...I still have 60g unspun just in case. Below is the same fibre as I predrafted it. I dyed it using Ashford dyes, purple and hot pink.....very potent dyes(first time I've used this brand). I'll have to post the swatch and yarn another time as I'm having trouble with the connection between the camera and pc atm.

I have also swatched for the Apres Surf Hoody from Interweave knits but can't wash it as I will the garment as my washing machine is bust! It broke a few weeks ago now and the engineer has been out a few times(on the insurance) and now just waiting for him to come back tomorrow with the final part. I've been herding washing out left right and centre, all our mates have been stars.

I did have some bad news last month....the DWP have decided in their infinite wisdom not to let me have DLA....aaaggghhhhh. Basically every reason they have come up with to say why I can't have it is the total opposite to the reality of living with this bloody illness. So I had a trip to my local Citizens Advice Bureau and they are helping with my appeal. I even showed my GP the letter I had and he couldn't believe what was written. So while I'm waiting for the appeal process I'm just hoping that my (very)long overdue back pay comes in sooner rather than later....esp with Woolfest on the near horizon..................


Penny said...

I really like that cardigan! It's made me want to knit it!

Danielle said...

It's nice to see you posting again. Sorry to hear about your troubles with the DWP, they seem to have very black and white rules that don't take into account the spectrum of disability. When my mum applied, her friend (who used to work for the CAB) completely rewrote her application to make sure she got through.

I love the shawl, really pretty, and I think I'll be adding the cardigan pattern to my ever expanding to do list.

Jen said...

That looks amazing :) Love those colours.

Not sure what I'm going to spin with my own handspun yet. Will have to check on the yardage but I have about 100g of yarn that's somewhere between 4ply and DK.

I reckon I could knit myself a pair of bedsocks or slippers.

Hope you can get sense out of the DWP!

scarletti said...

Good to see you back in blogland. What beautiful knitting you have been up to! I love the colours of your yarn-to-be too!

what a $%%&%^*&* about the washing machine AND DWP. 2 machines failing together. Nightmare!