Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Woolfest Anyone???

This is what we were greeted with last Thursday when we reached our campsite(not our tent).
The rain and the wind were dreadful to say the least...we didn't think we were going to survive the night!!!
I even started to knit some gloves it was that cold!

But the Friday brought blue skies and sun! We had already decided to go to Woolfest that day instead of Saturday. Look what we found...two beautiful alpacas...this photo reminds me of the 'push me pull me' from Doctor Doolittle!!!!
Our first port of call was the fleece sale. This is me having a good nosey round. I ended up with a coloured Ryeland/Shetland cross and a Mainland Blue.
While I was spending to my hearts content J went off and photoed sheep.......

There were lots more but blogger won't let me put them on :(

We decided to go and have a rest and a drink about half way round...and who did we bump into but Artis-Anne and Kath!!! It was so strange as we had never seen them before and just took a stab at asking them were they them!!!

This is my haul:-

dye kit and 2 skeins of sock yarn from DT craft and design

Alpaca, Gotland, Mulberry silk and green tie dyed felting yarn from Bev at knitting for fun

Sock stuff from Freyallyn

Blue, green, purple and orange fibre, sock yarn and 'scrumptious' from Jeni at Fyberspates

Alpaca/merino dk from the Natural Dye Studio

Wensleydale fibre an also some angora from a rabbit called Zorin

They are some more bits and pieces but they can't be photoed as they're for pressies!

We left a very wet Lake District on Sunday and headed to Llanrug in North Wales.
Yesterday we did our 'rescue' bit. A lamb had been parted from its mother onto a road. So we herded it to safety(and its mother) only to find on our way back the same lamb was on the road again!!!
We came back today and I'm now off work until next Wednesday...I need it to recover...a nice hot bath is definitely in order!!!


Helen said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog :)

The Clanger pattern I used was actually from a very old copy of Woman's Weekly that a friend of mine sent to me, she inherited it from her late aunt.

There are some free Clanger patterns here
if they're any use.

Looks like you had a fine time at Woolfest (not jealous at all!)

Artis-Anne said...

Oh your home already ? I thought you were staying at Llanrug for longer but then the weather has been awful:(
It was lovely to meet up with you both but as you say so strange :)
Looks like a great haul there too :) now to get to work with it and I look fwd to see what you do with yours too.
Take care

scarletti said...

Great to have you back. Hmm cloud cover did look a little low on arrival, well done for braving it. I'm very envious of the Woofest thing. It sounded brilliant. xx

Mei said...

Mel - I got the package but have lost your email! I'm putting the pics on my blog today, but will you email me so I can thank you properly? Thanks!