Sunday, June 17, 2007

Fathers Day

I've had such a lovely day.
Both my sister and I decided to surprise my Dad and Grandad by visiting our parents house today....and as an extra special treat I took Poppy along, although I don't know who had the best time Dad, Grandad or Poppy!!!!? Anyway they loved their cards and presents and I also made sure neither of them did any washing up.
I took some patterns over to show Mum as suggestions to shrug/cardis she could knit. They are going on a cruise in October and she wants to be able to cover her shoulders in the sis and I also quizzed her without her knowing as to whether she would wear a shawl at all. Luckily she said she definately would, so as her birthday is in August I think it will be a perfect pressie!!!!! I'm going to look for suitable yarn at Woolfest but anyone have any ideas to a pattern that won't take too long????????
Please bear in mind I've never knitted a shawl before!
Yesterday, however, was a different story. J had a bad asthma attack at lunchtime, she normally has her asthma under control but this came from nowhere. So I took her to A+E at about 2pm. She didn't want to go in an ambulance but regretted it later. We left at 7pm with a bag of tablets. She is much better, the doctor gave her some steroids to try and reduce the inflammation in her chest and so far so good. The good thing to come out of being at hospital for that long was I have now finished both sleeves for C's cardi/shrug!!! The staff thought it was really funny, J on a trolley and me sitting next to her knitting(we were in a corridor to start with so you can imagine...)
Just got the 2 fronts and the collar to do....just hope I've enough yarn!


Alison said...

Hope J is better soon. What a lovely time on Sunday.
Alison x

Liz R. said...

I just heard about what's going on today in Glasgow. Are you and your loved ones okay?? Please be careful; I have a feeling that the mayhem is not over.

Stay safe! Love, Liz