Thursday, July 26, 2007


I've not posted sooner as one of the kittens(the grey one) Marley has developed inhalation pneumonia. We noticed that he wasn't growing at the same rate as the other two..they're real fatties now! So we started to hand feed him. I was able to leave work early on Monday and had a family outing to the vets...with Bella, Maisie and 3 kitts!! Liz, the vet, agreed that it was pneumonia. Marleys chest was pretty noisy and he's also fitting as well! She also said we had done the right thing intervening and hand feeding him. So he now has to have 1 drop of antibiotics a day he's that tiny.

George had exactly the same problem. We nursed and fed him for a week until he could see properly and was strong enough in himself. So we are hoping Marley will be the same. Either way we are going to keep him. He's such a sweetie and appears to be getting a tiny bit stronger every day.

As for piccies.....The top two skeins are light coloured Ryeland, the next is darker coloured Ryeland(I separated 1 batch of fleece). All three weigh about 60g and are about 150yd each, so consistency is def improving. The bottom skein is my 1st Koolaid dye attempt, I really pleased with the colours and strength of them.

The Luna moth shawl is finished! I haven't blocked it yet...G has offered her house for this so I don't get all the cats trying to walk/pad/sleep/scratch it!!!!

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Artis-Anne said...

Sorry to hear one of the kitties is poorly; I worry over my pooches as if they were children.X fingers he will now grow as big as the rest of them in your tender care :)
Mel that spinning is fab, even and consistent , you should be well pleased .
I have never done much dyeing with koolaid but that's a lovely colour there
Take care x