Monday, July 9, 2007

Fuzzy Wuzzy was a..........Psychedelic Cat??

Meet Fuzzy..our latest feline addition (although Bella is due to give birth any time).
Chris emailed me Friday evening to ask if I would like to do some needle felting at the guild meeting on Saturday. So J was a darling and offered to take me and pick me up...driving thro' Liverpool is not a nice experience due to the amount of traffic and roadworks. I met up with Chris about 10.25 and had a fab day. It was great to see her and give her her Woolfest goodies(minus a fleece from a sheep called Spot!) and birthday pressies.
I was so pleased she was happy with her haul...I felt pretty good as I'd managed to get her the only 72'' niddy noddy that I saw in the whole show!!!!!

Chris in return gave me some turquoise Jitterbug that I'd asked her to get me from Colinette...and she gave me some pinky/maroon as well to say thanks for getting the things on her shopping list at Woolfest...AND some Ryeland/Shetland fleece (I love spinning Ryeland as its not to coarse and not too soft but can be worn next to the skin).


This is the 1st repeat of the shawl I've started for mum's birthday pressie. It's the Lunar moth pattern done in Fyberspates Scrumptious(which lives up to its name!). As you all know I am a very tight knitter so after doing a tension square instead of using the 5.5mm needles required I am using 8mm!!!!

Yesterday we went to St Helens festival. Now J and I always make a bee line for the craft tent, which to be honest is usually people selling stuff that they've bought rather than made you can imagine how excited I was to find 2 stalls that had made their own stuff from scratch. The first was a 'knitting and badge' shop. They had made crocheted brooches, badges, buttons etc. The second was a handmade soap stall. I have made my own soap before and love it but I've lost my Melinda Coss book somewhere :( so haven't done any for years.

I also saw a Girl Guiding stall and had a chat to the lady there. My mum (she has been in guiding since before she married my dad!) has been trying to get me to help with a brownie pack for years. So she was over the moon when I rang her to let her know I've volunteered to be a unit helper! ...I've explained I can't commit to weekly meets due to health but I thought how good would it be to encourage children to do crafts(my mum's brownies love it!) plus I love camping and pack holidays!

So all in all I've had a really good weekend although I'm shattered now!

Here is George. He tried his hardest to get in the other photos so he just had to have his own taken!


scarletti said...

You're so busy!!!! Don't forget to rest before you are forced too. Love the shawl beginnings, does it just grow and grow in a triangle?

Artis-Anne said...

Oh I love your felted cat, sounds like you and Chris had a great day out :) and you got some great goodies in return for your kindness too .
I love spinning Ryeland too and isn't it springy ? I still have a bit left over but I am keeping it for spinning into yet more sock yarn .
Great colours on your shawl, looks very pretty

Helen said...

Cute kitties!

The lunar moth shawl is beautiful, going to look amazing in that yarn.