Saturday, June 2, 2007

AAGGGHHHH I'v been tagged!

I thought I'd avoided being tagged quite nicely. So thanks to Laughingmouse here goes.....

1. I was never allowed pets as a child with the exception of a fish called Debbie and a caterpillar called Important!? So I think I've more than made up for that now with 10 cats and a dog!
2. I can bite my toenails.
3. I worked in a whelk factory before going to university, packing whelks for 2 pound an hour! This was to save up for college.
4. I am Mel C.....Spice Girls?!
5. I moved in with J after only four weeks of meeting her!!!
6. My mum is a Brown owl(brownies) and my dad was a scout leader. I went on brownie and scout camps as a child. So I was a female at scout camp well before girls were allowed to join!
7. As a teenager I was a 'goth'....despite the fact I was told I was too happy to be one.

There its done.....I think everyone I know has already done this so I don't have anyone to tag :(
Right onto this week...
I've been at work as well as going out on BOTH my days off. I went out on Tuesday 3 times in the car on my own!! and on Thursday I had another fab bargain hunting day out with Chris...Thanks Chris for a lovely day.
Tonight we are off to a wedding. One of my friends at work has got married today. After the weird weather we have had this week I'm so glad it's been nice for her today.
AND I've finished another pair of socks for E. I made myself knit them up(they're knee length in DK)before doing any guess what I'm doing tomorrow!!
Question is which fibre do I spin first?esp as I received my Fyberspates order for some dyed BFL yesterday and it's really yummy!!!


scarletti said...

well done for playing. I love the caterpillar fact! That's cool.
How fast are you with socks... you must knit asleep methinks!

Jen said...

I've always had cats for as long as I can remember, but I do distinctly remember having a pet spider called Ron :)