Saturday, November 17, 2007


First of all I apologise for taking so long to post. I think I can sum it up very easily...I've felt absolutely crap to say the least.
I think I've finally managed to catch up on my emails. So thank you to you all for contacting me and sending your best wishes it really means a lot.
Well, as you can imagine not much knitting has been taking place. I'm well and truly in a muddle with my MW......I tried frogging and still haven't got the correct st count so need to go back further aagghhh....brain fog has def got in the way! it's been put to one side for the time being.
I have started Viveka at a trip to my parents last Saturday(when I thought I was just going to sleep all afternoon), so the rib for the back has been done and not much else!
I have finished spinning 'curry' and just waiting for it to dry from setting the twist. I really want to do something to get my teeth into rather than reams of st st, so after an inspiring email from Chris I thought it would be perfect to use for Forest Canopy as the pattern has got a bit of umph to it.
While I'm on the subject of Chris, thank you so much for the lovely 'cheer me up' parcel I received today......beautiful turquoise/blue Collinette yarn(I love the colour so much), dark orange chocolate and some heat pads for the horrible pain I've been experiencing. I was soooooo touched, thank you again.
Fingers crossed 'curry' will be dry soon so I can wind it up and cast on....

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Liz R. said...

I'm so sorry that you're not feeling well. I know how you feel. My lupus has been kicking my ass lately.

Sending lots and lots of healing hugs your way!!