Sunday, September 9, 2007

They're going :(

Today is our last day with the kittens. Lily has already gone to her new home and Squeeze is going tonight when his new mum has finished work. It's really sad to see them go but at least we know they have fantastic homes. Their new families have already said they will stay in touch and let us know their progress. Each kitten has been told that they can come back to us if there's any problems!!!
I would post some really cute photos that I took last night but I'm still having problems uploading them.
This is def our last litter of kitts as Bella is getting spayed on lie in for me on my day off!!
On the knitting front, I've finished the cheeky chino cardi but I'm leaving it until I'm at my sisters to sew it up. I've started knitting Denmark from Knitting on the Road in my hand spun and dyed red yarn. I've only done the cuff on the first as I've been doing some secret knitting for my SP...I can't say what until she gets the parcel(once I find a box big enough!) as I'm not sure if she's sussed me out yet!
A told J the other day that I must suffer from OKD...obsessive knitting disorder!!!! I have corrected him since and added an S to it...obsessive knitting and spinning disorder!!!...I think I could name at least few people suffering from this!!!
Just got 1 week left at work. It's going to be strange this week as C is off for a week, and as we car share we usually have a good rant about the day on the way home. So poor J will be listening to me going on instead!
My sis is def going away. So I'll be going to Nottingham with Audrey at the weekend. I may not be able to use her computer as she's been having problems with it, unless I can sort it out for her. I'm thinking of starting another item for my SP while I'm there....Chris do you think it's going to take long to do???
Oh, while I think on, there is another SOCK WARS! Yarn monkey has a different blog address, here it is . I did sock wars last year and met Jen thro' it. It was fun...have a go!
I must go and put tea in the oven......


Liz R. said...

You must be so sad saying goodbye to your kittens!! I'm sure that they have great homes and will grow up to be big and happy and well-cared for! Somehow I managed to convince my husband to let me keep Olivia and the kittens. Like we needed 4 more cats here at the Zoo. They are fun and active and insane all at the same time!!

Have a great rest of your Sunday, Mel!!

Helen said...

It doesn't seem like 2 minutes since the kittens were born!
I'm sure they'll do fabulously in their new homes.

Ruth said...

It must be hard parting with the kittens, but I'm sure they'll be loved.