Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Thank you!

I'd like to thank everyone for their good wishes regarding my back. I ended up in casualty earlier as I couldn't cope with it any longer. The staff were fantastic....even finding me a cubicle quickly so I could lie down! However the diagnosis has now been changed from inflamed disc to muscular. Now I'm happy it's nothing serious but it's still b@$$#y painful!!

I discovered, much to my relief that I can knit lying down! So here are the finished Conwy socks. I'm really pleased with them but if I knitted them again I would use a 'normal' toe decrease. The pattern asks for a k2tog 4 times evenly over the round and so produces a pointy toe. I don't know, maybe it'll grown on me!

Saturday we had our last day of sunshine for the time being. I decided to start to wash my fleece I was given. I knelt in the back garden and got the fleece out of the bag. My neighbour's children thought it was great..."...wool from a REAL sheep!!". It really tickled me.

Above is my makeshift drying rack for the small portion of fleece I washed........a broken maiden(clothes horse) over a washing basket. It worked great!..since then I've managed to wash the rest of it in small batches, so just waiting to be able to spin again to try it out!

I couldn't resist this photo of Maddy that J managed to get of her sunning and shading herself at the same time.


SockknittingMama said...

Oh just muscular then...painful......
By the way, I love the socks, they are great. I am not a fan of pointy toes as I have square feet. You can always use what finish and heel suits you better. Socks are a personal thing. Great colours too.

Artis-Anne said...

Still painfull whatever I'm sure :(
Great socks and I agree I am not a lover of pointy toes either.
Hope you can get to spin that fleece soon :)