Thursday, May 10, 2007

I've just received a PURPLE parcel!!!!!

Look what the postman has just delivered.......

A PURPLE parcel!!!!!!

...look what I found inside....

4oz wool(corriedale and romney), viscose, tussah silk, cut bombyx silk and tussah silk noil signature blend roving from Crosspatch Creations in Plum Loco......mmmmm yummy!

Burt's Bees healthy hand kit...I've always wanted to try this... yippeeeeeeeee

A lavender sachet bag...i lurrrrrvveeeee lavender.

Aura Cacia Lavender Harvest aromatherapy mineral bath...can't wait to use this!

Green and Blacks ginger organic dark fave!

Dagoba organic chocolate with lavender and blueberries....mmmmmmm sounds lovely, cant wait to try it!

Sunspire organic dark chocolate covered coffee did you know I love these.?!....I forgot to put it on my questionnaire!

2 packs of Pop Rocks popping, I've not had popping candy for years!

A skein of...wait for it...drum roll.....Socks that Rock in Walking on the Wild Tide...this is a club colourway and not available to the general public so I feel really honored!

Also a gorgeous card too with yarn on the front. All this was wrapped up beautifully in lavender tissue paper and packed in a lavender box.

I feel sooooooo's really touched me :)


.........I now want my back to get better to spin the roving!


Alison said...

What a lovely package you lucky girl! Just what you need when your body has been on the attack. Love your Conwy sock too.

Artis-Anne said...

Oh WOW you are a very lucky girl. I too love lavender, it has a warm comforting smell , enjoy and chill out :)

scarletti said...

What a fabulous gift. Hope you are feeling a little more funkydory. Sent you lots of convalescing vibes from the seaside. wlaked up this road called Convalescence Hill, and tried to blow all the sea air and well wishes your way. xxx

Vicky R said...

What a lovely parcel! As you know, I love anything purple, so a purple parcel has to be good! Glad it cheered you up. xxx