Saturday, March 8, 2008

Look what the postie has brought me this week!

Here is my postman's first offering. It's Posh Yarn's Lei in 'Motherly' for Mystic Light KAL ...sign ups are still open. I'm thinking a sunset with these colours, the reddy one at the bottom graduating to the bluey one for the neck. It really is beautiful yarn and seems to have a lovely drape to it as well.
The next acquisition is my new toy....a peg loom. As you all know we have rather a lot of animals in our house so we don't have many carpets as a result. So I thought, Hmmmmmm....rugs!
I've got no excuse now not to make any plus it means I can use all those little odds and sods of yarn I've got hanging round. This was bought off ebay from a fantastic seller, who has now started her own blog .
Sarah if it helps
SP=secret pal
SOSii= secret of the stole 2(a lace knit a long)
SSS=spring shawl surprise(another lace knit a long)
As far as washing fleece it's really preference. I tend to wash a few handfuls at a time in my 'wash' bowl but others use the bath for the whole thing! What I'd say is let it soak in as hot as poss out of the tap water with a good squirt of washing up liquid and leave it. Then rinse (bringing the water cooler each time) by soaking in clean water until you're happy there's no soap left. Don't rub the fibre. If it is really dirty I gently open the locks by hand...yes it takes time but worth it to avoid felting esp when it's a nice fleece...and the rinsing will remove the dirt.
...any others questions please give me a shout esp as I'll prob ask you bout weaving!

And last but not least look at this amazing UK swap package I got from the very thoughtful and kind Delle !!!
I all came wrapped in beautiful red tissue paper with little tags attached.
Inside the parcels.......
I got Fyberspates Dream sock yarn in really is dreamy with a lovely twist to the yarn like Jitterbug.
Fyberspates bamboo/merino sock yarn in 'flowers' soft and I've been dying to knit with bamboo for ages!
Shunklies Lace weight lambs wool and silk in 'warm spice'...a special knit I think.
All these yarns (Delle didn't know) I have been secretly drooling over...the exact blends and colourways!!!!!!
Then Audrey has been spoilt too! there is some camel top to spin(from Shunklies). I've never spun camel before and don't have any in my stash! So I'll prob blend it with something and plan something yummy for it!
My needles got a treat in the form of a buffer! I've filed my bamboo needles before but never actually thought of buffing them! What a fab idea!
There was some gorgeous Lush products, solid bubble bath and solid bath oil both have the most beautiful relaxing fragrance to them.....J was out with her mates last night so I gave these a test run!
And of course there was faves....Green and Black dark choc and Maltesers!
THANK YOU SO MUCH DELLE. I feel as tho' I've been really spoiled, I had a lump in my throat while I was opening it all as I was so touched. I love it all and you have def got me spot on!!!

Today J and me are going to attempt the Trafford centre. So a trip to Lush is def in order and I can already hear the Mirasol calling my name in Lewis'! I also need to buy one last thing for my swap pal before her parcel gets sent off.
There's also a 'farmers market' not far away which we are going to visit too!

I'll leave you with a pic of gorgeous George.....


Monica said...

YAY! That is so great to hear that you love your package. And your George is absolutely adorable.

scarletprincess said...

Thats a lovely parcel you got there! this swpa has been amazing!

Danielle said...

I'm so glad you liked it. It's been quite nerve racking, buying for someone else, but I've also enjoyed it. I'm glad I managed to get things you that suit.

Cinders said...

yummy yarns there. what a lovely swap! how did the Trafford centre go? its one of my fsv haunts as I can scooter around quite hapilly.

sarah said...

Great to see you back.
The parcels look really yummy, the yarn as well as the choc!

Jen said...

Lovely parcel!

Awwww George looks just like our Susie!

I'm good, just pootling along really. Have finished Ivy from knitty, although it knitted up a bit too big and the sleeves came down past the tips of my fingers. LOL! Have made a slight adjustment to the sleeves though, so that's good.

The spinning is looking good. Slowly but surely! I will have to photograph my results so far with it, as I have to photograph Ivy for my blog as well.

Liz R. said...

Hi Mel!!

Are you feeling better?? I hope so; I think about you all the time.

George is gorgeous!!

Lots of love, Liz

catssmudge said...

Hi Mel, I love the yarns Del sent you, looverly colours. How is the weaving going? I meant to say if you have fine yarns, crochet them together and you end up with a really unusual coloured yarn. Definitely thick enough to weave with - 3 is the amount i use. You also end up with a really thick soft finish.
Good luck Sarah