Tuesday, February 5, 2008

My Grandad is 87!

On Sunday my parents, my sister and I went out with Grandad to celebrate his 87th birthday. It was a lovely day. We bought him a digital camera. He loved it!
We all went back to Mum and Dad's afterwards, where Grandad gave me a carrier bag, asking if it could be of use to me....inside was 11oz+ of P+B Patons yarn(fingering weight)...it was my Grandma's(she died a while ago now), I was so touched!!! It's in really good condition with only a little fading...so I think it's destined to become a shawl.

I also managed to persuade Mum to let me finish a cardi that my Grandma had started that after she had died Grandad had given it to her to complete. It's done in a Lee Target 4ply in a grey/blue and all that needs doing is the armholes upwards on both fronts(Grandma had already done the dreaded sleeves). So that won't take me long when I get stuck into it! If you look at the photo you may see that she's done both fronts at the same time to make sure they're both the same length...I think I'll do mine like that in future!

SoSii had stalled a bit, so no progress shots as of yet. I've been spinning some teal shetland and plying it with some greeny bfl for C's very late Xmas pressie. It's now hanging in the kitchen drying and I'm hoping to knit this with it.

I've completed clue 5 on the SSS and it's looking quite pretty I think.
I got my UK swap match on Friday. I've contacted my spoilee and have a few ideas as to her parcel. I've also heard from my spoiler...she sent me a fab Ecard with a goggle eyed sheep!!!
I must go and catch up on the SoSii........


Liz R. said...

Happy Birthday, Grandad!! My Grandpa turned 90 last year; isn't it amazing how long they've been on this earth?? I hope you are feeling well; I think about you a lot.

Sending lots and lots of love across the big pond!

Helen said...

Congrats to Grandad!

I got my Grandma's patterns when she died and I love looking at them and thinking of her.

Good idea for knitting two fronts at once, if you have room on the needles!

sarah said...

Birthday greetings to Grandad.

My Grandma also taught me to knit both fronts and sleeves on one needle. I hate it when you can't as it seems to take much longer to knit them separately(although I think it's all in the mind)
My Mum inherited Grandma's patters, but they will come to me one day.


Cinders said...

Hope you all had a great time at Grandads birthday.
I think its lovely that you can carry on your grandmas work. knitting oth fronts togehter is a good idea. although I bet I'd get the shappings mixed up!!

I'm tagging you. wrie 5 facts about yourself. tag5 people and link back to me. have fun