Sunday, February 17, 2008

Audrey is having cosmetic surgery

I forgot to add earlier that Audrey is going to have cosmetic surgery. I bought a Jumbo flyer kit from a fantastic ebayer (who has a shop here selling the most beautiful spinning wheel hooks). She included some dyed kid mohair curls...which I've already sat and teased apart.
Anyway the flyer and bobbins just need some varnish and then they are ready for Audrey to have her boob job!


scarletti said...

Just to say thanks for being there take your pick of an award over on my blog. Looking forwards to seeing what the make-over does!

pancake said...

Hello!! Just a quick note to say that you've got a new SP11 pal - and since we're starting a little late hope you don't mind if i spoil you for a few months!!

Look out for secret messages coming your way.....