Friday, January 25, 2008

Woo Hoo we have photos at last!

OK we will start with some WIP's. Above is the first clue completed for SoSii. This is done in a lovely alpaca/wool blend.
Here we have the Spring Shawl Surprise. The bottom lifeline shows the end of clue 1 and the top shows the end of clue 2. I've started clue 4 on this photo(I've now completed it). This is knitted in a wool/nylon blend(a usual sock yarn composition) and is slightly more purple than in the photo. I'm thinking of dyeing this when I've completed it to a deep purple.
Here is a completed Mystic Waters minus the blocking. The photo's really blurry as I was trying to take it quickly...and Twiggy wanted her pic taken too!
These are the polka dot gloves I had a custom order for. I still need to sew the 'hats' on and add icord and buttons but all the knitting is done. I'm a bit worried as the thumbs are a little big, but better big than small! I dyed the semi solid gray with acid dye and the variegated with pretend 'Kool-aid'.
So now I'm up to date with knitted items, I'm going to spend today plying the green tweedy stuff that's been on my bobbins for ages. It just means I can free them up ready for tomorrows trip to the North Cheshire guild with Chris, where we are doing long draw spinning...I must go and dig out my carders and niddy noddy!


scarletti said...

Hope you are feeling much better now. Thanks for sharing all your pictures, you have been so busy, and they are all beautiful. So pleased to have your blog to read again. xx

Cinders said...

Love those gloves and all your other W.I.P's