Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The weekend

Well I'm still alive...only just! I had a lovely weekend.
Chris and I went to the North Cheshire guild in Croft for a day of long draw spinning. After a very slow start by me I think I've got the hang of it now!!!! We both decide to join the guild and so will be back next month making buttons?!
So Saturday was my 'test' before I went back to work on Monday. After only 5 hrs I was shattered to say the least, needless to say no knitting was done until Sunday.
I went to work on Monday, came home that evening and lay on the sofa and next thing I knew it was 1130pm! So I'm glad that I have managed to take today and Friday as holiday.
I've put my holiday in at work and also booked my camping pitch for Woolfest so I'm really pleased that has been sorted out. I've also put hols in at work for a tattoo convention in July and Whitby Goth weekend in October.
It was my birthday yesterday and I had a lovely day. My mum came over and we went out for lunch. J couldn't get yesterday off work so I'm going to have my birthday with her on Friday.
I got some pennies for my drum carding fund, clothes, books, fibre, posh yarn voucher, some smellies and chocolate. My mates from work bought me a 'nursey' watch which I've been wanting for months as we aren't allowed to wear normal watches at work.
As you can see I've finally been able to work out 'links'....just got to sort out a link for my questionnaire now!!!


donnac1968 said...

Hi Mel
Happy Birthday for yesterday!!!!
Best wishes

Helen said...

Happy Birthday for yesterday! It's mine tomorrow :)

You are very organised! I'd love to go to the Whitby Goth Festival, but my goth credentials aren't what they used to be!!

sarah said...

Hi Mel
Happy Birthday.
Sorry I missed it.


scarletti said...

Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy Birthday, Happy birthday, appy Birthday to you! xx