Thursday, July 3, 2008

New things.....

Well, I did it.....I bought a Louet Julia. J and I spent a lovely day at the Threshing Barn visiting Janet. I had a good play on the weel and decided once and for all that she was the wheel for me. So I came away with my new toy plus an Ashford drum carder and some shetland fibre. Since then I've been playing with 'Julia'...she needs a new name I think....I have spun some much finer yarn than I've ever done as well as some really chunky...just to check her limitations. I've got to say tho' she can go very chunky as well as very fine. She really is a gorgeous wheel to spin on and I've used all her ratios including the the highest one!
Woolfest was the order of last weekend. J and I drove up on the Thursday to pitch our tent(with help from Chris) in very strong wind before coming back home as I had work on Friday morning....I've already booked time off well in advance for next year! So we went back to the Lakes on Friday afternoon. Our site, Graysonside, was lovely(again I've provisionally booked for next year). There were quite a few ravellers camping there too.....Minder and her daughter Lily, Babylonglegs, Miffyrabbit and Lottie, Eluned and her lovely hubby and dogs as well as Chris in the B+B well away from the wind and rain!!!! There were lots of other people there too but I didn't get to chat to many :( as I wasn't feeling too good when the knit group met on the Friday evening.
We went to Woolfest on Saturday and as usual it was breathtaking. J had a genuine case of wool fumes and needed to go outside every so often. It was so lovely meeting up with old friends and new. The whole event is such a social occasion, even non crafters can enjoy it...J had a great time even when I gave her 1200g of gorgeous raw alpaca fleece to carry lol
I came away with quite a haul. I tried to concentrate on undyed fibres but I gave in when I saw Freyalyn, Yarn Yard and Jeni's dyed spinning stuff. Apart from that I ended up with lots of things to blend on my new drumcarder, a flick carder and dyes. I also did a bit of a swap with Chris and she gave me a BFL fleece(which I washed on Tuesday) a drop spindle and lots of other things.
A lot of people went home on the Sunday but J and I were staying 'til Monday. So we went to a zoo type thing. It turned out a really good place to go and J had the life scared out of her when a Lima decided to use her back as a spring board!! After all the excitement and energy use from the weekend I ended up with the migraine from hell Sunday afternoon which lasted 'til Monday morning. We got back to our house Monday afternoon which was still in one piece! Ad proved me wrong (for once) and apart from a few dishes needing doing the house was tidy with no evidence of shaving foam fights etc like previous times when he has been left!!!!!
Photos next time x


BabyLongLegs said...

So good to meet you and J at the weekend!!!
And I love your Louet..... :D

Sarah xXx

Cinders said...

Sounds fabtastic. I am so enious. I'm def going next year.
Your Juliet sounds fun. I must try spinning one day.
if that offer of your skein winder is still going can I take you up on it?

Jen said...

Sounds like you had a great time!

I will have to come to Woolfest next year :)

Artis-Anne said...

So good to see you both again and have fun with your new toys :)Sorry to hear about your migraine, I think it is all the exitement : I was totally washed out after my hyper energy filled days .
Doesn't the right wheel make such a difference? I love my new wheel and just can't stop spinning and seeing what different yarns I can turn out; trouble is the knitting is getting left !!

Helen said...

Sounds like you had a great time at Woolfest. So jealous!