Sunday, December 9, 2007

Marilyn Manson

Yes! we went to the gig on Wednesday. It was J's birthday present from me. It took about 3.5hrs(including a stop) to get to London. Then, what felt like hours, to find the hotel!!!! It was really took me back to my teens.....I was a velvet and lace goth then(I was told back then that I looked like Patricia Morrison from Sisters of Mercy!). The atmosphere was fantastic and I even managed to 'dance'!!! Unlike some miserable people behind us that kept their arms crossed the whole time.
I even got to have a drink, which is something I don't do due to not wanting to and my meds.
I drove back on Thursday and it took 3.5hrs again but no getting lost! On the way down I managed to knit half a sock using my sugar almond hand spun...just a simple basket weave pattern off the top of my head.
I've completed clue 7 for MW and now waiting for no8 as then it will be when it's off the needles as it's too big to see properly. I started MS6 last Saturday. This is a top down triangular shawl. I've just got 12 rows left of clue 2....I'm doing it in a bluey/lilac 4ply Diploma gold.
I've had a good go at Branching Out but I don't think my sis will get it for her birthday so it'll be Christmas instead. I've also got a commission for some gloves. The person they're for wants a gray glove with multi coloured big polka dots. So I've got some Matchmaker that I think I'll dye random bright colours and strand it between the gray.
My Secret Pal (the one I spoiled) got her reveal package this week. Her name is Deb and she seems really pleased with what I sent her...I included a Print o the Wave stole I'd knitted especially for her. I feel very lucky to have found a lovely friend in both her and my spoiler. I still don't know who that is. I'm itching to find out!!!


Anonymous said...

cool blog gj :) my blog is drop in and say hello some time :)

donnac1968 said...

Isn't it annoying when you see people like that at gigs. Especially when it's one that you know its difficult to get tickets for, and someone who would have enjoyed it more has missed out.

Cinders said...

Glad you enjoyed your gig. I havnt been to a concert for years, but I'm waiting patiently for ayear or 2 for U2 then I'll be at the front , pain or no!!!!

scarletti said...

Thanks for all the advice re wheels. Glad you had a great time at the gig. Manic week for me so just dropped in to say 'Hi'! xx